system hanging for a few seconds every 20 min with hd encryption

i have hd encryption activated on my swap and home disks. now every 20 min or so (not really periodic but definetly reproduceable) my system hangs completely for about 4 - 10 sec while the hd led is on. i have a dual core cpu which makes this even more odd. could this be a side effect of hd encryption especially on the swap partition?

I doubt it. Get a low level scan program from the drive maker. You may have bad sectors.

negativ: no bad sectors

next time it happens, open a terminal/xterminal/konsole and type in
this command

sudo tail -n 25 /var/log/messages

when you hit enter it will ask for a password, give it the root
password (you will not see what is typed)

then copy paste the output back to this thread for a real guru (not
me) to look at and decide the best course of action…until then,
relax and have a lot of fun…

ps: i just love Wein, super city.

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