system hang while restarting

I use two os (windows7& openSUSE13.1) on my laptop.

my problem is -

I cann’t restart on openSUSE.It shows " reboot: restarting system" and hang. So I have to close using power button.
i would like to know how to fix it.

Thanks in advance.

Why have you posted this in “Looking for something other then suppport”? I assume you want support/help.

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Moved from “Looking for something other then Support” to a place where you may get support.

anyone to fix my problem?

Maybe you should explain more exactly what you are doing. “restarting” is just general wording. You can restart a Linux system from e.g. a command from the CLI, from a GUI login screen, from within a GUI desktop session. I doubt many people here are clairvoyant.

So explaining all the steps you do and what you see happening until the point you get that message might help.

Also, please take into account that 13.1 is out of support. Thus most people will have moved newer versions and will not be able to recreate the problem on their own systems.

Any special reason you are still running v13.1?

Although I did restarting from both command line and gui, it can’t reboot again.It shows " reboot: restarting system" on black screen and system hang although GUI display has disappeared.And hard drive led light on laptop permanently works(no flash). So I have to shutdown using power button.That is my problem.

No special reason. I have just first used linux os.

Okay. openSUSE 13.1 is past End of Life (EOL) and is no longer supported, no security updates and no patches/fixes.

I suggest you get openSUSE Leap 42.2 and install that, then go from there.

You will also get more help, as more people here are using Leap and can actively help out.

My personal tip? When installing Leap, choose to use ext4 for the root and home file systems. Go into the partitioner during the pre-install setup and personally choose how you want your disk set up.

And, actually, before starting, it would be a good idea if you follow the instructions in the post at the following link. It will give us a good starting point. You can post the output from the given commands in this thread and can then look forward to better help and instructions.

Good luck.