System graphics/input completely freezes during DV capture

This is a really aggravating problem I have had with multiple desktop systems, with multiple Linux distros (Ubuntu and openSUSE). Actually, the graphics/input freeze used to be a lot worse with Ubuntu, now with openSUSE I really haven’t had trouble until I enabled desktop effects (which I have now disabled) and when I started trying to capture DV with Kino (the only one that will work!)

Here’s the current situation: open Kino, begin capturing video. Everything is running fine, when all of a sudden, screen locks up, no keyboard/mouse input either, then the screen usually reverts to some random stripey pattern or something like that. The ONLY way to get out of it is to restart the system via the reset button on the computer itself.

The graphics oddities about my system are 1) I’m using ATI graphics drivers and 2) I have a widescreen monitor. This was the situation with my last setup too, with Ubuntu, however back then I was using a PCI graphics card by ATI. Now, it’s an integrated mobo graphics card.

Does anyone have any clues as to how I can fix this? I’m on a timeline here, I need to get this video on the computer! Thanks!


I figured it out, really strange solution. I went into Kino’s preferences and disabled the video playback during capture. It meant that the handicam’s LCD was my capture monitor, but it worked well enough for me. I was able to get it done from start to finish with no hitches!


Congratulations on sorting this, and thank you for sharing your solution.