System Freezing in 11.1

I just built a new system and I’m having trouble with it deadlocking in 11.1.

I’ve got a clean install, I just did a standard KDE installation with no changes to the default packages. My system freezes without fail any time I try to install packages through the yast software manager. Sometimes I can get as far as actually starting the download for new packages, other times I can just be browsing the list. I can do system updates just fine, just no new stuff. It also freezes randomly without trying to install anything. It froze earlier tonight, I logged in, started firefox, went to a site that needed flash and it asked me to install, clicked manual install, the window for Adobe’s site popped up and the system froze (before the site loaded). XP 64 runs without any trouble, as does the express gate os that’s on the motherboard. KDE itself is also very sluggish, but I assume that’s partly because of the older video card I’m running right now and no video drivers yet.

Any ideas?

System specs:
Intel Core i7 965
6Gb ram
Asus p6t deluxe v2 mobo
OpenSuse 11.1 x64
ATI Radeon 9250 (will be replaced by a Nvidia gtx 295 next week)

I tried installing Kubuntu 9.04 tonight and it’s doing basically the same thing. Doing anything with package management but updating the system freezes it cold.

Kernel not playing well with the processor maybe?

On a openSUSE install you usually get a good idea how things will be from the way it picks up hardware during the install setup. Did you try the failsafe boot option - which puts in place kernel arguments which can resolve some hardware issues.
By the sound of it, you are on kubuntu now?

Error logs in /var/log
or hidden /home./xsession-errors

may provide clues to the problem

FYI- You can run zypper from a level 3 boot and do:

zypper up

to update
and even run yast too in basic mode


Thanks for your help.

I dug through the message log in Kubuntu and Suse and it looks like my problem may be related to the video card I’m using right now. It was just an old ati card I had laying around, I should have my new one later this week. I’m going to hold off messing with it any more until my new card is in.

Any luck with this yet? My Asus P6T arrives today, but I plan to put a nVidia GTX 260 card in it instead.

Did you try running a VESA or openGL driver with your ATI card (instead of the proprietary ATI driver) to see if that would help get rid of the freezes?

I’m almost positive it was the video card. Apparently Kubuntu jacked up my OpenSuse install so I’ll have to reinstall to be sure. My new video card fixed everything in Kubuntu though so I’m pretty sure that’s where the problem was. I’ll try to get Suse back on sometime this week, and let you know what I find out. I doubt you’ll have any trouble though.

I read a post of a user with an ATI card (4850 or something like that) who claimed the Asus P6T with that ATI video card required a 2.6.28 kernel (instead of the 2.6.27 kernel that comes with openSUSE-11.1) and so instead he had to move to the latest Ubuntu which has the 2.6.28 kernel.

I successfully booted my Asus P6T to the openSUSE-11.1 KDE-4.1.3 liveCD last night, where the liveCD booted to 1600x1200 resolution using the openGL driver for nVidia. So its looking promising for me and openSUSE-11.1, when I go to install later this week.

Not so rosey after all. I installed openSUSE-11.1. Desktop runs, but multimedia playback is excruciatingly slow. Clearly, something is not correct. For example, my athlon-1100 with an FX5200 AGP graphic card plays back video better than the Asus P6T an Intel Core i7, with nVidia GTX260 graphic card. … I think it is either the graphic driver (I am using the openGL driver) or there is some kernel hiccup.

I’m off to bed, but this needs more investigation.

I will see when I install GTX 295 how will it run in few day with my MSI motherboard

Note that things work, they are just slow. With the community openGL nvidia driver, I am getting graphic performance slower than a 9 year old athlon-1100. So something is wrong that I need to sort.

The one think/thing is MSI and ASUS is different you have Asus P6xxx.
Did you try MSI.:wink:
If you look top of the line Asus motherboard Around $2500-3000EUR and I was talking to supplier but it was to late,so next time.I`m happy with MSI.:slight_smile:

Have fun with your new Toy my friend.:wink:


Not without spending another 1000+ euros. :expressionless: My old athlon-1100 is an MSI.