System freezes - ram tests good

System freezes on almost a daily basis but:

  • logs show nothing
  • memtest 2 full iterations run clean
  • systester runs clean for 40+ minutes
  • temp is well within normal range
    Just happens no particular activity causes it

mb Asus p5b deluxe/wifi
cpu Intel E6600
ram 2x1gb Corsair pc8500 (ddr21066)
gpu PNY 7300gt pcie
bios is latest
openSuse 11.1 x64 with all latest updates
Nvidia drivers 185.18.29 (latest stable, but
changing doesn’t matter)
Kwin affect off or on, no difference

Any ideas?


openSuse 11.1, KDE4.x Factory, Opera weekly

> Any ideas?

first: when you say “memtest 2 full iterations run clean” what does
that mean? about how long did it take for memtest to run through “2
full iterations” of 2 GB of RAM?

second: do these things

  • disconnect both ends of all hard drives, CD/DVD and floppy drive
    cables and plug back in only the booting hard drive, and see how it
    runs…add the other things back in one at a time…

  • if you have over clocked the CPU, dial it back

  • pull both RAM sticks, gently clean the contact with a pencil eraser
    and NEVER touch them again with your fingers…then reinstall ONE
    stick, if it freezes pull that one stick and put the other in…maybe
    one will freeze and one will not…if both freeze AND memtest runs for
    24 hours then your memory is probably ok…

  • while the lid is open inspect for bulging/leaking capacitors

  • remove bird nests and cat hair

  • install atop and inspect its logs seeking to find a cron or other
    program which is popping up just as the system freezes

third: maybe one of these will make a big difference, you can try them
one at a time, you pick the order, but if you get all the way through
the list and you STILL have freezes, then change TWO things at a time:

  • disable/uninstall beagle

  • turn off desktop effects

  • switch to KDE3.5 or Gnome

  • switch to the open source nv driver

  • add a new guest user…log into that account and run until it
    freezes (if it does not, you know something in YOUR /home is messed up)

  • run from a 32 bit Gnome Live CD, mount your hard drives so you can
    actually do stuff…

  • install (dual boot) a straight 32 bit system…

  • run a different distro

and i’ll think of some other stuff later…(and, i’m sure other have
things to check)