System freezes after GRUB2

Hi all!

After installing XEN-Server and Xen-Tools via YAST the system freezes after choosing the XEN-Kernel in Grub.
I made a shot of the screen and attached it:

Mabe someone has advice?


Bug Filed

After installing virtualization,
Did you update your system? (Can be very important)
If you haven’t, you can still boot to the regular kernel and run the following command from an elevated console

zypper up

Also, regarding you bugzilla comment about not knowing how to collect log information, this is the link to the page which describes a many ways to collect log data



Yes, sure I did

"zypper up"

And as you can see in the bugreport there is a dmesg output is attached!

My problem is that I have no idea how to get a log of the process as early as when the EFI part is loaded as you can see at the screenshot.

I suspect this freeze has to do with secure boot or related!

Yes, the default kernel boots just fine…


The link I gave you should provide you with a way (IMO it’s fairly complete and covers most situations I know of). If you really can’t figure out how to collect a log, post again.