System freeze shortly after boot from Tumbleweed USB - hybrid graphics

Hi everyone, I’m trying to boot off of a live USB of the latest x86 Tumbleweed ISO on my Acer Swift X laptop, and every time, it’s frozen pretty soon after navigating around the UI. Sometimes it’s when I try to connect to my Wifi network, other times it’s when launching Firefox. I am thinking it has to do with the switchable graphics in the laptop (it has an AMD 5800U and a GTX 3050 Ti laptop). I already verified the checksum and tried it with a USB written to from an openSUSE VM, as well as using Rufus. I’m also unable to disable the dedicated graphics card in the BIOS. Is there a way I can get the live USB working on this setup?

As an update, I am able to get onto the command line using failsafe mode with no freezes, so if there’s some driver I need to fix/uninstall while there let me know.

At the grub boot menu press e to edit and at the linuxefi or linux line add nomodeset at the end and should get the system to a GUI, not at the correct resolution, but at least an opportunity to explore other options.

To be clear as explained here, nomodeset is for troubleshooting, not normal use. Users of hybrid graphics typically need suse-prime to reach a solution for graphics problems. Whether it represents an appropriate path for AMD + NVidia users I don’t know, but suspect it should.