System for Photo Editing

I am thinking of upgrading my system to cope with the increased resolution of my new camera. I generally use Digikam for initial uploads and cataloguing and Darktable for the bulk of my workflow.

I have looked around and come up with this system -, I would increase the memory to the maximum of 32GB. I asked their support team if it would run Linux and got the clueless response that “we don’t support Linux”.

The questions are therefore, will it run Linux and can anyone suggest anywhere in the UK where I can get it at a comparable price but from a rather more clued up company? Alternatively, cannot people suggest a different system that would be suitable?

I can’t give you any advice about UK vendors, but I can point you to the following:

I’ve always liked SFF type systems, so that NUC intrigues me. I get the skull canyon connection, but still, I don’t like the skull etched into the case plate (find its juvenile … though, OTOH, members of Hell’s angels etc, or Greatful Deadhead groupies might find it appealing lol!). Evidently a plain case plate is also included in the package (likely to satisfy the straight and narrow aesthetic tastes of mainstream folks like me). Be sure to read the user comments in the phoronix article – there is one person in there stating that these things have some issues … they mention to check out the NUC user forums for evidence of such.

Are you really set on such a form factor PC? And if openCL support is important to you in your darktable workflow, then you might want to also think about alternative systems you could build that would provide either a Nvidia (CUDA) or AMD (ROCm) solution.

Are you really set on such a form factor PC?

I have a limited amount of desk space, so a small form factor is a help. I’ll have a look around for other boxes with an AMD or NVidia GPU.

I’ve looked at a lot of these NUC style PCs and the like. Many appear not quite ready for prime time (IMHO), but one family that seems like it might be an exception described here. I note they offer up to a Xeon processor, a variety of discrete graphics options, etc., etc., and they support Mint. I suspect openSUSE should be no problem. Not sure about availability in the UK, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask