system failed after software installation break


  • Opensuse 11.0, fresh install.
  • Run yast -> software management
  • install some packages (from network)

During installing packages I stopped the installation becaues it takes too long. After that sth failed. I cannote execute any command as system don’t know nothing. After reboot I cannot run system, the error is: INIT: cannot execute “/bin/sh”

I reinstall system (rapair do nothing) and repeat that kind of operation and suse faied again. That’s strange. It means that breaking/stoping software installing in yast(whatever the software is) ‘damage’ the whole system.

I’m quite new in linux and probably there is a way to fix this. If you know how I’ll be greatfull for help.

In the other hand I’m not so sure that opensuse is good enough as simple operation can stop whole system running properly :slight_smile:


format c:\

is a “simple operation” too. With power comes responsibility (or at least it should).:wink:

“Format c:” - try this on working windows :slight_smile:

But more seriously, does anyone have any idea what happens if you break installing software in yast and why this kind of failure happens ?

I have the same problem.
czechowwx did You solve it?


I changed to version 11.1 and it looks that the problem does not exists any more.

Do You mean reinstaling system?
I was hopeing to rescue the system :confused: