System crashes randomly and goes to black screen with no X11

Basically, a few days ago, my computer froze. I rebooted it, but there was no GUI, just the blank screen. I shut down my computer and rebooted it, but when i got to the login screen I said something along the lines of “Failed to truncate file” “read only file system” whenever I tried to log in. After fiddling around with the boot device, it worked.

However, randomly, throughout the day, my system will crash and a black screen will appear. After this I do a soft reboot, and I only have the no GUI version that doesn’t work, so I have to power off and on my computer everytime.

Any time after you have to reboot your system, you can read the previous system log (or any previous system session) with the following commnand

journalctl -b -1

You should read the last entries in that session log before your system crashed to see if there are any hints what may have happened.