System Crash


I have a Dell Precision M40 laptop w. P3 CPU @ 1200Mhz, 512 MB SDRAM, 80GB SCSI HDD, Samsung CDRW/DVD-ROM optical drive; and a vNvidia Quadro2 MXR/AGP/SSE, running openSuSe v.11.1, new install about a week ago.

The problems are many, but I’ll start with a few critical ones first. The system have been crashing and locking up, when various applications are ran, the list:

a.) YaST–>System->System Backup, both in TUI and GUI environments (the application would crash during the module/package search)
b.) Wine MS emulator application (when you open the respective programs c-panel, make what, if any changes, and press OK; the system locks up and/or crashes)
c.) When I close the lid of the laptop, even though I’ve configured the monitor to remain on (this was after having experienced an’X’ number of crashes, believing such a config would resolve this problem) the system would crash, requiring a reboot
d.)YaST–>Software->Media Check, in GUI, but not in TUI environments, a crash is experienced; requiring a reboot to restore system functions
e.) An observation, my RAM reads 494.0 MB, when 512 MB’s are installed (note: video card possess its own VRAM of 32MB), in the ‘My Computer’ page, assessible via Konqueror @ ‘/:sysinfo’

Any information on how to resolve these issues would be appreciated, thaxs in advance.

You neglected to tell us if you are using any desktop effects and what desktop are you using, kde3/4, gnome, other?
I guess kde as you mention Konqueror.
Normally crashes result in error logs/crash reports and K gives you debug info.

x-session errors are not uncommon given what you are using and I would advise to disable screen savers of any kind.

memory could be an issue as the process you mention are quite intensive.

make sure you are updated with a su terminal and do

zypper ref

zypper up

Thax for responding,

I’m using KDE 4, no known desktop effects (?); pretty much the stock version provided after installation ( w. a splash screen). Screen resolution is 1600x1200 w. 24 bit / 16.7 million colors.

I ran command-lines ‘# zypper ref’ and # zypper up’; both my repositories and packages where update (would like to provide a list of packages upgraded but system crashed shortly after, need to back up various content while I still could). Most of the packages were dealing w. media player applications concerning libraries for xine, perl-Mp3 modules, mostly libraries.

The “error messages” following running and completing the ops implimented by said command-lines read:

Will not save configuration

Configuration file /home/“user”/.kde/share/config/knotifyrc

Not writable

Various additional error messages followed, concerning the same …/config directory, they were:

a.) …/kdeglobals ,not writable
b.) …/kcmintrc , not writable
c.) …/kbuildsycoca4rc ,not writable
d.) …/trashrc , not writable

; of the files knotifyrc, kcmintrc, kbuildsycoca4rc, trashrc; could not be found in the target directory.

Question; I now suspect that the media used to install this OS is corrupt, Ktorrent OKed the .ISO file, YaST as well OKed the .ISO but its like ‘tossing a coin’ when doing a media check, on the media (DVD install). Is their a way to fix this without having to reinstall the OS, some sort of diagnostic application made available over the internet via openSuSe (something like active-X powered; MS update/patch Service), since I currently don’t trust my CD and DVD burners; that could scan my file system and tell me whats-what.

Consider adding this repo
Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.1

If necessary run zypper from outside X

zypper ref
zypper up

This will update you to a newer and IMO more stable kde4

Only one thing should make your disc unwriteable and that is the disc not being writable to.

I experienced this when my sata cable needed replacing, also might of been when the HDD was dying.

I would run a disk check just to rule it out.