System crash after power button shutdown

Hi, last night my system crash after power button shutdown. Before, my laptop was freeze with CPU Rate to 100% for more than 20 min. I decided turn off it because I feared a overheating. Actually my system start up but not run the graphical interface and others tty don’t let me login. It say “Login incorrect” with my user and root user. Last screen log message was “verf_event_intel: PEBS enable due to microcode update”. I has checked the partition running fsck in a Live CD and it’s clean. But I can’t access by Nautilus. I saw the files in gnome-terminal, mounting the partition previously. My system is openSUSE 13.1 x86_64. I don’t want reinstall the operating system, I has been using it for several months, you know. Any idea how to fix this mess? I’m sorry by my english, it’s not very well.

Welcome to the forums. Have you tried using the rescue mode on the installation media?


What do you exactly mean by ‘power button shutdown’?

Do you mean that you pressed the power button of your PC for a quite long time until the PC shut down?

… that would be my take-away.

I am thinking about the possibilities and methods to proceed, will return if I have an idea.