System Crash after enabling Cube desktop

Hi everybody

I recently installed openSuse 11.2 KDE in a Dell 1535 laptop.

I tried to enable the Cube desktop feature through desktop settings and when I pressed the apply button the system crashed. The screen freezed and the laptop wasn’t responding to anything.

So I rebooted the laptop and now every time gets stack in the green screen and trying to load but it never does. I suspect that it has to do with my ATI card because a couple of 3d games would crash the system too. I tried some solutions that I found here like disabling the desktop effects by tweaking kwinrc file but it didn’t worked.

Does anyone know how to disable that Cube feature from failsafe mode ?


Did you install the ATI drivers?

I installed the ATI drivers from ATI website but that also crushed the system so I had to uninstall them. I tried to install also from here but i was getting a message that the file in the repository was altered and didn’t was the appropriate one. After that the installation was stopping by itself.