system-config-printer gets stuck / apply bugzilla patch

Hey there,

first off, I am still quite a newbie concerning Linux in general and opensuse 13.1 in particular, so if there is a solution, I might need some more help than most.

I spent the better part of a day trying to print via samba, which seems to be working now.

However, I am now facing a bug, which I believe to be this one:

Obviously, these deal with different distributions than opensuse, but both seem to have successfully applied the batch provided in the first link.

I would like to try this myself (at least as long as there is no official update of the concerned package) but I am a little lost on the how to. I imagine I might need to get the source, patch and recompile but so far I am not even sure which package or application is needed to be patched.

Can someone give me a lead?