System claims floppy drive is mounted, but it isn't.

I am sure I have never used the floppy drive since I first installe openSuSE over a year ago. Now I find that it is not mounted and avialable when I would expect it to be ready for use.

Now this is OS v11.1.

I have, however, found what I need to do to cause it be properly mounted; the WHY of it is still beyond me. Here is the sequence of actions:

Before the diskette is inserted into the floppy drive, the Drive information list shows the floppy icon, but with no details.

Inserting the diskette into the drive changes nothing, although <fstab> contains the line:

/dev/fd0 * * * /media/floppy * * * auto * * *noauto,user,sync * * *0 0

so apparently the drive is not mounted.

I then did <mount /media/floppy>. This returns an error message saying that the apparently unmounted drive is already mounted.

I did <umount/media/floppy>, to remove the evidently improperly mounted drive, followed by <mount/media/floppy. At no point have I removed the diskette from the drive.

Now the Drive information list shows details of the floppy drive, and clicking on the floppy icon shows the files contained in the drive.

The only conclusion that I can reach is that there is something wrong with the automatic mounting of the drive, per the above-quoted line in <fstab>. But to me, that line looks like what it should be.

Viewing <var/log/messages> shows only the following lines relative to the sequence above:

Jun *2 12:02:24 poblano su: (to root) stan on /dev/pts/3
Jun *2 12:10:24 poblano kernel: [drm:i915_getparam] ERROR Unknown parameter 5
Jun *2 12:12:33 poblano su: (to root) stan on /dev/pts/4

The two lines about /dev/pts are only about the console I was using, and so are irrelevant, as far as I understand. I have no clue what “parameter 5” has been found, nor how it got to wherever it is. It seems that this is the root of the problem of why the drive IS mounted, but isn’t MOUNTED.

Can someone explain to me what is happening?

output of cat /etc/mtab please