System broken after update

Hi. After buy new laptop I have installed root directory on ext4 filesystem and now I’m angry on myself.

Let’s me explain.

Plasma 5 update applet won’t update packages, but often complain: No network. I decided to update system by Yast2. I open Yast2 -> Software Management and puts space enter. In next step I right click on package list, put mouse cursor on all packages from list and select update if never version. Now I have troubles. NetworkManager complaiin there’s no session, PulseAudio didn’t work(only dummy input/output are available).

I decided to make zypper dup - maybe this will help.

Ok. Zypper dup won’t help.

Not hit by this?

This is a known issue. The following should fix it:

sudo pam-config --add --systemd

Then reboot. This will probably restore networking and other functionality, but there may be loose ends.

To clean up any loose ends:

sudo zypper in -f systemd
sudo zypper in -f gnome-keyring-pam

See: 983636 – pam-config 0.91 overwrites valid pam configuration with templates on update

Thxs a lot !!!

This worked for me. Thank you.