System/Application Account Creation

I use the Basic System for Co-operative Work (BSCW) to implement a collaboration environment in Apache. In previous versions of SuSE, I had created a BSCW user and group. The UID and GID that I had used is now assigned to some other system/application.

Can someone refresh my memory on how to create a UID and GID in the 100-200 range?

YaST > Security and Users > User and Group managment.

That part a knew. It was the next step. The VGA graphic interface is a pain to navigate.

However, I did find what I was searching for, eventually. I did get my group and user created.

It is nice you found the solution to your problem.

But allow me to make a few remarks.

The fact that I pointed you to something you allready knew means imho that you did not specify clearly where you got stuck. And thus I spoiled my time on not helping you.

And in te end you did not clarify at all how you solved your problem, thus assuring that others who try to find a solution to a problem similar to yours (by using the search funtion) can not find any usefull information.

Can you please next time try to imagine how others then you can be helped with the problem and the solution?