syslog not installed by default in openSUSE 13.2?

Hello All,

I did an install of openSUSE 13.2 in VirtualBox, and I don’t see “/var/log/messages” anymore like there was in openSUSE 13.1.

Where is “/var/log/messages” in openSUSE 13.2? Was it moved? Was it replaced by something else?

Thanks in advance,

Not exactly.
But on a default 13.2 installation, systemd’s on-disk journal is enabled by default. You can access it via “journalctl”.

To get back the old /var/log/messages, just install a syslog implementation. There’s rsyslog (the default in 13.1), syslog-ng, and syslogd available. Nothing more should be necessary.
In that case, you maybe might want to disable systemd’s persistent journal to not store the logs twice. Just remove the directory /var/log/journal/ for that. “journalctl” will still work, but will only show the current boot’s log.

Logs are in systemd-journal, and there’s a command to show them.

However, you can just install “rsyslog” and get the logs back in “/var/log/messages”. That’s what I did.

Thank you all for the suggestions.