syslog-ng log alert email

I am using syslog-ng in my logserver - logs are collected in separate files for each server, all the files are rotated once a week. Is there any program I can use to send me an email warning end of every day for [kern.err] and [kern.warn]?

Thanks for any suggestions.

How do you mean? Email you the contents of those files? Maybe a cron job?

No, emailing the total log content would be too much information. I am looking for something that could send out an alert. I could write my own but wondering if there is something already available.


So you want an email each day if there have been any log messages in those categories? Sounds like a job to do a grep then email would do what you want.

You could get syslog-ng to send those two categories to a socket destination and the listening process would make an email of any input, but that would be even more complicated.