sysinfo:/ gives me nothing in 11.2

I recently upgraded to 11.2 using the net install. When I try to access sysinfo:/ in Konqueror, it gives me nothing useful. No RAM, no hard disks, or any of that. All I do get is this:

My Computer
Folders, Harddisks, Removable Devices, System Information and more…

My root partition is on the hard drive that is connected to a Rosewill RC-210 sata card if that has anything to do with it.

How and what did you upgrade? AFAICS it’s not the SATA card. You’re running 11.2 from it, so “detected” is the least you could call it.

I upgraded from 11.1 to 11.2 using the Net installer. Both versions are 32-bit. 11.1 was on there back before my mobo’s sata ports blew out, and I needed to pick up this $15 Rosewill card for my sata drive. I needed to run the upgrade so I could even boot into Linux again (GRUB and Windows were running fine on my IDE drive, which is full). But as you said, Linux is working with the card now, so this Konqueror error isn’t making sense.

Hi, sounds like something is wrong with your kio_sysinfo. Just ask Yast if it fits your KDE version.

How would I do that? Under Software Management, it gives me the SUSE version (that would be 11.2-29.31.1), but not the KDE version.