'sysinfo:\' (11.2) not displaying fixed media

Err, this is weird, too…

‘My Computer’ does not show the fixed media stats (occupied/free etc.) UNLESS I insert a CD/DVD, THEN it will display the fixed disk info.

  • When I remove the CD/DVD, so the fixed media stats disappear again !

I sure you must mean sysinfo:/
That’s a forward slash. Not 'Backwards’lol! like Windows.

Why not do some screens for us to compare.

Yes, sorry, I work with both, and get confused with [wasn’t paying enough attention] the slashes sometimes.

Err, there’s not much to see really; it’s a case of ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ …

Some fixed devices might need to be opened in Dolphin first.

Here is what I get - mine all just show, but in my box the permanently connected usb storage needs kicking to life in dolphin to show stats

Yes - that’s what I get normally, but on that machine I get the headings but NO disk info (and no devices/mount points listed).

Sorry, I don’t have screen dumps, but I remember seeing

Disk Information

OS Information