Syntax Error: operand expected /dve/disk/by-label//

I just installed OS 11.4 this morning. Was previously on CentOS. I chose to have it import the partition & raid setup during install.

Now when it boots it hangs with

“Could not find /dev/disk/by-label //”

“Want me to fall back to /dev/disk/by_id/ata-ST…(lots of drive stuff) -part2 (Y/n)”

If I just hit ENTER at that point the boot will go on and it runs fine, but it stalls every time with that same error on boot.

I did quite a bit of searching with Google and here (the search here considers every word in the error message to be too short or too common).

How can I fix this so it doesn’t hang on each boot?


Do you by any means have a* /dev/disk/by-label/ specification in your /etc/fstab or /boot/grub/menu.lst*?
Wat says

ls -l /dev/disk/by-label/

Thanks. It was a new install and I got tired of spending so much time on the issue, so I reinstalled NOT copying the prior partition stuff, and it’s fine now. When I don’t have a bunch of customization done on the system, sometimes it’s more efficient to just reinstall than spend a lot of time troubleshooting a rare problem like this.

I guess an old entry that uses the by-label identification was copied while in fact that label was removed during the install. Or something similar. Could have been repiared easily imho.

In any case, if you are satisfied, be happy.