Synergy Switch Failure

For a long time i have used synergy, from a windows server to a linux client. A couple of months ago i made a complete switch to linux. Now unfortunately i need a windows test environment (VM’s haven’t been working). So after successfully installing synergy from source (and applying patches) i am greeted with this error message when i try and switch screens. After days of googling i cannot find any information about it, so im wondering if anyone here could shed some light on it. Thanks.

INFO: synergys.cpp,1042: Synergy server 1.3.1 on Linux #1 SMP 2008-12-04 18:10:04 +0100 x86_64
DEBUG: synergys.cpp,1051: opening configuration "/home/passbe/.synergy.conf"
DEBUG: synergys.cpp,1062: configuration read successfully
DEBUG: CXWindowsScreen.cpp,841: XOpenDisplay(":0.0")
DEBUG: CXWindowsScreenSaver.cpp,339: xscreensaver window: 0x00000000
DEBUG: CXWindowsScreen.cpp,111: screen shape: 0,0 3360x1050 (xinerama)
DEBUG: CXWindowsScreen.cpp,112: window is 0x05800004
DEBUG: CScreen.cpp,38: opened display
DEBUG: CXWindowsScreen.cpp,673: registered hotkey Control+Left (id=ef51 mask=0002) as id=1
DEBUG: CXWindowsScreen.cpp,673: registered hotkey Control+Right (id=ef53 mask=0002) as id=2
DEBUG: CXWindowsScreen.cpp,673: registered hotkey Control+Down (id=ef54 mask=0002) as id=3
DEBUG: CXWindowsScreen.cpp,673: registered hotkey ScrollLock (id=ef14 mask=0000) as id=4
NOTE: synergys.cpp,500: started server
INFO: CServer.cpp,1141: screen "inara" shape changed
NOTE: CClientListener.cpp,127: accepted client connection
DEBUG: CClientProxy1_0.cpp,404: received client "inara-win" info shape=0,0 1680x1050
NOTE: CServer.cpp,278: client "inara-win" has connected
-synergys: CServer.cpp:442: void CServer::switchScreen(CBaseClientProxy*, SInt32, SInt32, bool): Assertion `x >= dx && y >= dy && x < dx + dw && y < dy + dh' failed.

And my synergy config file:

section: screens

section: links


section: options
	relativeMouseMoves = true
	keystroke(Control+Left) = switchToScreen(inara)
	keystroke(Control+Right) = switchToScreen(inara-win)
	keystroke(Control+Down) = switchToScreen(macbook)

section: aliases


I have the same problem. Any solutions yet?