syndaemon exits with error message after some random time


I have been having problems with my 11.3 gnome on a Pavilion dv7, you know I use the syndaemon utility to disable and enable automatically the touchpad when I type, so this way I dont accidentally touch the touchpad (clicking somewhere and frustrating myself)

Well, my touchpad has a light that turns on when the touchpad is disabled and off when enabled (its on the topleft corner) also if you double tap it, you can manually disable the touchpad.

After a while I realized that ramdomly this function stops working, and I have to reenable it from gnome mouse properties.

So to test it I run from terminal:

syndaemon -d -t -K -i 1

And when the function stops working, syndaemon exits with this message:

X Error of failed request: XI_BadDevice (invalid Device parameter)
Major opcode of failed request: 147 (XInputExtension)
Minor opcode of failed request: 37 (X_ChangeDeviceProperty)
Device id in failed request: 0x17
Serial number of failed request: 448
Current serial number in output stream: 449

This happens every 20 minutes sometimes less or moreā€¦

Does this happens only to me? what can I try to solve it?