Syncthing not seeing Ubuntu box

Anyone get Syncthing syncing with Ubuntu or even Windows 7?

I’ve got Syncthing syncing across a number of platforms… Debian, Arch, OpenSuse and Windows 7, to be precise. Have you followed the syncthing Getting Started guide? Once you’re sure everything is set up properly there (of note, you must make sure that the device ID for the other host(s) is added on both sides), you will want to move on to Firewalls and Port Forwards to ensure networking is set up properly. Keep in mind, syncthing doesn’t have any mechanism to work around firewalls/NAT, at least one of your hosts will need to be able to accept incoming connections either through a port forward (if your hosts are behind a NAT firewall) or because it is directly accessible on the Internet with the appropriate port open. It can be helpful (or at least I find it helpful) to have a central node on Internet (a cheap VM or some other server) which acts as a sort of hub for syncthing. If you have a lot of nodes, having this act as an introducer node can also be a huge time saver.