Syncronize Firefox configuration across machines

In installed Firefox with OpenSUSE 42.3 basically “out of the box” on
two 64 bit ThinkPads - a T420s and a T430
On the T420s Firefox works just find and on the other system
it is prompting me to “download or save the MP4” instead of
just playing the video on the website. And also on the problem system
it does not permit me to “click forward” on any video timelines to skip forward.
Instead it restarts the video from the beginning.

Is there some way for me to export the setup and configuration from
the good system and set up Firefox the same on the problem system.
I built both of these the same week. So versions of everything is the same.

Firefox profiles live in ~/.mozilla/, unless within the profile you’ve specified otherwise. If the only Mozilla product you use is Firefox, you can simply replace that directory on the problem PC with a copy of from the good one. If your method of copying fails to maintain correct owner and group for and within it, use chown -R to correct the copy. It’s actually possible to host a particular profile on the LAN somewhere, such as NAS, and have each of the two PCs use the same profile, though corruption will occur if both have the same Firefox profile open at the same time. ~/.mozilla/firefox/profiles.ini specifies the actual location the (of each, if more than one) profile.


There’s this Firefox “how-to” on backing up and restoring Firefox profiles: <>.

  • But, it’s only mentioning, in great detail, how to copy ‘~/.mozilla/firefox/xxxxxxxx.default/’ to a backup location and, how to restore those contents to any given (new) location …

There’s also the possibility to synchronise the profile via a Firefox account …

All that copying of settings might work for migration, but isn’t any kind of “sync” which would imply live changes automatically to all machines.

When I open a very recent version of Firefox, and click “Open Menu” icon at the far right of the main menubar (Three horizontal lines), the first selection at the top is “Sign in to Sync”

I’d think that if you do that on each of your machines,and devices, your bookmarks and other settings should sync automatically.


I created a tarball on the “good” machine and replaced the .mozilla directory and that seemed to work.
How do I remove the previous version of flash ?
I have
Shockwave Flash 31.0 r0
Shockwave Flash 32.0 r0

And it is creating issues and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to remove 31.0
I tried to disable it with the “AddOns” but no luck

Maybe install the latest?
I assume you installed from Adobe and not somewhere else?

After the re-installation, you might be able to disable if you want…


As mentioned above Firefox Sync syncs all your settings, bookmarks, passwords, extensions, etc… across multiple computers and even works with android beatifully. Give it a try.

Did you install the Adobe “flash-plugin” package in accordance with this openSUSE Wiki “How-To”: <Adobe Flash Player - openSUSE Wiki?

  • There should be only one set of files in the ‘/usr/lib64/flash-plugin/’ directory – use “rpm -ql flash-plugin” to inspect the list of files provided by that package.
  • The user’s Firefox Browser instances should then only pick up THAT
    Flash version …

Yes - I followed the OpenSUSE guidelines. But the article is missing “how to uninstall” section.
Thanks again
Any help would be appreciated.


Because it’s a RPM package the “flash-plugin” package can de-installed just like any other package.

  • When the Firefox browser sessions are restarted, the “Shockwave Flash” Plugin should disappear …

Please check, from within Firefox “about:addons” → “Plugins” → “Shockwave Flash” → “More”:

  • The filename indicated for both Shockwave Flash versions.

It should be “” → meaning: ‘/usr/lib64/flash-plugin/’ …

If multiple versions of “” are being indicated then, that’s possibly the issue at hand.
[HR][/HR]And, the following:

  • In the directory “~/.mozilla/firefox/«Generated, user specific, string
    ».default/” there’s an ASCII text file named “pluginreg.dat”.

If there’s no Firefox session running, you can edit that file – despite the “Generated File. Do not edit.” warning – or, you can simply delete it – it’ll be regenerated …

Shockwave Flash 32.0 r0:$
Shockwave Flash:$
0:application/x-shockwave-flash:Shockwave Flash:swf:$
1:application/futuresplash:FutureSplash Player:spl:$