syncing Palm Tx with kontact

I have a Palm TX. I used to sync it with kontact through kpilot. Now I have to use jpilot, but I prefer kontact because I have all the rest of information (mail, etc) there.
I would appreciate some advice on what application can be used to sync again with kontact.

try it:
HOWTO: Sync a Palm TX with KPilot - Ubuntu Forums

or on google have more info about it:

sync palm tx kontact - Pesquisa Google

I know quite well kpilot: I have been using it for years.
But kpilot isn’t in kde4 anymore. I understand that is not being developed.
So, I’m looking for some other application to sync with kontact.
Maybe kitchensync is a good choice?
Does anybody have a good experience with this one, or another?

Thanks for your interest, anyway.

Come on!
Somebody should know a good application to sync a pda (palm in my case) with kontact.
Or where to find a kpilot rpm for opensuse 11.3. I didn’t manage to find one.