Sync ipod with linux

I have a 2nd generation ipod touch. Is there anyway way to sync all the contacts and calendar information with Kontact or other software?

i don’t think there is any software in linux to communicate with iPod touch 2g [because of different hardware]. personally i have installed a windows XP into a VirtualBox virtual machine and there is USB support in closed-source version [it is free]. and there i have iTunes.

u can try installing iTunes with WINE, there are guides available on the Internet, but i don’t think it works = i couldn’t make it work!]

i suggest VirtualBox.

If it came with MS Windows software, maybe WINE or VirtualBox could run it.

But get the non OSS version of openbox as it works with USB devices, the last time I tried the OSS version (also in the repos I believe), it didn’t support USB.

It’s a bit of a long winded way to access it, but you could then save your contacts as a text file and import it maybe.

I’m sure someone will write an app for Linux eventually.

Right now the only option is to run Windows inside non-oss VirtualBox and sync.

The reason why Linux doesn’t work with the iPod Touch and iPhone has to do with Apple using a different protocol for syncing on those devices. It proprietary, and encrypted, meaning it would be more difficult to reverse engineer. The Zune is in a similar situation. Microsoft is using a modified proprietary version of MTP on the Zune, which so far hasn’t been reverse engineered.

The encrypted and sync protocol is understood now and Contacts, Calendars, Notes, Bookmarks and Mail Account Settings of any iPhone/iPod Touch can be retrieved.

There is python-iphonesync which targets to provide a plugin for Conduit and is already working in one sync direction.

However, all this is yet experimental and you need to build libiphone from source to play with it or contribute yourself. I’ll package once the project reaches the 1.0 milestone.

So it will be possible in the near future and there is no need to void warranty and jailbreak the device to use it.

Thanks for you reply! it really made me happy. it would be nice if you post here when the program is able to send songs into iPod Touch.


– A.

What would make everyone really happy is if they would just make a device that works - whatever!
Lame vendor lock-in. No time for it.

Sentin, banshee syncs with my iPhone although I have to go to windows to update, banshee is a great app!