Synaptics Software Installer

does anyone knows if synaptics software installer can be used on opensuse 11.1 x86_64 ?

I am trying to find if a library ( is installed and the ‘Yast software installer’ doesn’t tell me that (or maybe I don’t know how to use it), but I am used to synaptics as when you type a library in the search it will tell you what package contains it and that way is easier to find out.

any clue how to proceed?

Synaptics will not give better results.
Just search for libglib in yast the version i found is libglib-2_0.0.
Is there any reason you need an older version?


I don’t know but I don’t get any results when I look for the word ‘libglib’, I added the packman repository and another one which I don’t recall the name right now.

When I look for ‘glib’ I do get some results and I got the library I need, the reason I need libglib-1.2 is because is needed by XMMS (extensible media player).

libglib is on the dvd so you should be able to get it
Try using the one-click here