symlinks to external micro sd card

I am trying to kid Dropbox into synching files to an external micro sd drive by creating a symlink to the file itself stored on the card. when I create the link –

 ln -s /home/me/Dropbox/thefolder/thefilesay /run/media/root/mycarddriectory/thefilesay

I just get an error message saying ‘failed to create symbolic link - operation not permitted’

Better post complete what you do. Not the command only and then a story about what you think that happened, but copy/paste the prompt, the command, the output and the next prompt. Only in this way we can see who you were, where you where, what you did and what you got without your interpretation.

And please also add

ls -l /home/me/Dropbox/thefolder/thefilesay

to prove to us that it exists.

Thanks - worked it out. Can’t use a directory which has space between two words… so, yes, you were right - If I had posted the ACTUAL input/output we could all have worked it out.