Swobniws XP Remote desktop client and - ANY OS REMOTEDESKTOP

Time ago i posted about what to do with some pentium pro PCs with very limited hardware.
Some suggestions were install puppy4x or tinycore, but i really would rather that they would not do any kinda of tasks.
Then i installed windows XP suricata (a very “light” mod).
Today i tried to use mi AMD e1 laptop with w7 as server, and the results were very good.

The NICS of the “clients” are 10mbits, then i guess that i had better use RPD instead VNC.

Then now i am a bit “decided” about what to do. Now i guess that i will need a RDP server, and i do not really matter what would be linux windows… ubuntu puppy opensuse… Anyone. And if the RDP server would be “lighter” in the clients, it is another good point.

Finally, i am here asking for suggestions of any RDP server multiuser (at same time) for use with those windows xp clients.

Event if a linux client would be lighter than those xp, it would be greater then.

Finally, thanks a lot. I will ask this in ubuntu puppy and opensuse and TC forums. Thanks a lot|
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Can you expand on this? What do you mean not do any kind of tasks? Who?

Thanks a lot for the repply.
I know how so limited are the pentium pro for today´s. Then i would rather for them no make task, kinda “in their own” (and i mean, with this “paradigma” with a server and clients, is better all the task made in the server).
The LTSP was my first try but it failed, then tried puppy linux 5.5 wary puppy, it booted and live cd was ok, but when trying to install on scsi hdd it only got kernel panic when booting. (not scying).

I have a amd a8 with 8gb ram for make as “server” with RDP or VNC. BUT i guess that RDP would get better perfomance for that 10mbit NIC.

As i said, i already make a test with the pentium pro windows xp client and amd e1 windows 7 “server” (the multiuser is the bad way, but i guess that i found how to). I really would rather have some Linux RDP server and if i could find a “really old distro 95-2000” with RDP client built in i would leave the xp alternative.

Although I cannot help you in this particular instance, I, and a lot of others may as well, strongly urge you to NOT use a distro that is that old unless there is a way to update them to software components that have been updated to a more secure version.

Thanks again for the response.
About a “old” distro and danger with no security, i really do not care, i will not hold any important document not even in the “server”.
Right now, the swobniws approaching is a bit “best”. Kinda configure some process and “patch” for allow multi user RDP login, with xp build in rdp client and 7 as server.

But, i really guess that something like this would be better in linux because it is nativelly multiuser and multitas (as far as i can remember). And i do not know how to make this approaching, i guess that
Would be intereseting. but not sure if this is the correct approaching, or maybe “XRDP” or “going-nuts puppy linux RDP server” or any “rdp on any distro” would make this task better.

BTW, i would like to know, what is the minimum windows that has RDP client build in?

I understand. But a more important point concerning security, is that although you may not have valuables of any sort on the machine, “your” machine can be used by other parties to do nefarious things. If you don’t mind being possibly charged under your country’s laws, that’s your business, I guess. But you may want to reconsider that stance.

As for the last question of the post, I personally have no idea about rdp on windows. You may wish to check out microsoft’s knowledgebase for that. It’ll give you a definitive answer to your query.