Switching workspace using screen edges

I am trying to configure the top-right screen edge to switch workspace. but for some reason I can not select Desktop cube in the screen edge settings. The setting is grayed-out. Am I doing something wrong, or is it meant to be disabled? I can select Desktop cube in the desktop effects settings, but that does not activate the top-right corner. Anybody know what to do, I am using Opensuse 13.1

Works fine here.

Are you sure you have the Desktop Cube activated in Desktop Effects->All Effects? (and I mean “Desktop Cube”, not “Desktop Cube Animation”)
And is it actually working? (the standard shortcut is Ctrl+F11)

Thanks, that was the problem, I only had the animation, works fine now

It looks to me that this may be desktop dependent. If that is the case, you two in a miraculous way, understood which one.

Any chance you mention this here for posterity?


That’s the only one I know which has configurable screen edge/corner actions, a Desktop Cube, and desktop effects settings… :wink:

That does not mean that you should not post that assumption when the OP fails to tell it.
Others may not be able to follow your strain of thought and the threads here are to be understood by many and not just by the two people that asked and answered to be of value to the community.

Sorry. But KDE is the default, so I most of the time just assume that anyway if nothing is mentioned.

And I explicitely stated it now anyway… :wink:

The main message was of course to advise the OP that he did not even explain what he uses. The secondary is that those who answer have thuss my implication all sorts of assumptions (based in processes internal to them like “that is the default”) we do not know. And it is quite possible that a OP may not understand that the whole thread is now going the wrong way. Assumptions based on assumptions.

Please, please to everybody. Others do not know, can not see, feel, guess, what ones system/environment is.

I have added specifications of my Computer to my signature to avoid future problems

It is one accepted way of telling this.

BTW, it is not not my favorite though:

  • when the data changes in real life, many forget to change the signature;
  • when you change the sgnature in the future, old posts will show your new signature and thus create confusion;
  • some have more then one system andwill thuis create confusion when they do not tell which one belongs to a problem they post.

And I see something unsuspected now. In your first post you say you use openSUSE 13.1. You now disclose that it is in fact Tumbleweed. Apart from the fact that we do not love those surprises, did you see that we have a Tumbleweed subforum. That is the place were other Tumbleweed users (not me e.g.) are luring to help with Tumbleweed problems.

I upgraded to Tumbleweed the day before yesterday, this is after I started this post. I was using 13.1 before that.

I guess this shows my points above to advantage. In any case the post you just posted will clarify it to the confused.