Switching work spaces

I have recently installed a fresh copy of openSUSE because of many reasons. On my old one, I could drag windows into other workspaces, and it would look like a cube when it goes from one to another. I can’t seem to find the option for that. Can anyone advise me where to look? I’ve been looking at compiz etc.

Also, there is a delay whilst the windows open, is there an option where I can shorten that delay?

Thank you.

For me in kde4 using KWIN, not compiz
It’s super quick

Are you kde or gnome?

I’m in GNOME. Sorry, I thought I’d said that, but I didn’t.

Hopefully a Gnome user will come to your rescue:)

Okay lol thanks :slight_smile:

In the control center, it’s desktop effects. On the last tab called
‘edges’ here you can select the edges to rotate the cube.

There should also be an application installed called CompizConfig
Settings Manager where you can fine tune your requirements. If not, use
YaST to search on compiz and install.

I also recommend going into YaST and installing the compiz extras for
additional effects if you require.

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Thank you. all sorted now,

:shake: Well done
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