switching user gives a white screen

When I switch users via <ctrl> <alt> <f7>, I get a white blank screen. I just installed suse 11.1 whith the latest NVIDIA driver (downloaded yesterday) for a geforce 7300 64 bit os 4 gigs of ram ran suse 11.0 for a long time with out having this prob. Any help woud be greatly appreciated.



Is this with Gnome or KDE?

bruce32466 wrote:
> When I switch users via <ctrl> <alt> <f7>, I get a white blank screen.

i didn’t know it is possible to switch users by using Ctrl+Alt+F7, how
do you do it that way?

i usually switch users by a right click on desktop, choose “Switch
User”, then sign in as the new user when that screen pops up…

is your way faster, easier, what? hmmmmm, i really have no idea how to
do it from a terminal…i guess, first go to root and command to
runlevel three, then log off, then log in as the new user, then issue
startx…is that what you do?? [if there is an easier way, i’d love
to learn it]

anyway, try it my way and see if the white screen still comes…

oh, and have you yet installed the nVidia driver (or still using the
open nv driver)? and, KDEx, Gnome, what?

Have a lot of fun…