Switching to Opensuse

I have been a linux user for a while, and i have only used ubuntu. I feel now that it is time to switch to opensuse. I saw this thread and I fell in love with what this person did to their opensuse. How would I do it.
Also, what games and programs are supported with opensuse. I am hoping monecraft and csgo, but i not please let me know.

Welcome to the forums. The easiest way to find out whether or not something is supported in openSUSE is to go to http://software.opensuse.org/ and search for it. Bear in mind that, if a game relies on a particular game engine, you need to search for the game engine or check the website of the game supplier for their advice.

You can also look at which games are discussed on the games forum: https://forums.opensuse.org/forumdisplay.php/671-Games

Any game that can run in a browser will, of course, run on openSUSE.

Good hunting.

I guess not many AAA games are supported on any linux distribution but if it runs through steam it should run on any linux.
I’m pretty sure you will be able to play minecraft as well as csgo on openSUSE.

A lot of what you need to know in order to set up something similar is on that screen print you provided in terms of desktop (KDE), shell, window manager theme, GTK theme, icon Theme, Fonts …


KDE is highly configurable - play with it and you will see. One way to avoid totally messing up when you first start is create two users accounts, one in which is unstable and is where you play with everything, and one which has your finally tested configuration.

I typically stick with the basic openSUSE desktop - so I can’t provide much more advice than that.

I don’t play games with openSUSE (other than chess sometimes). But note if you go to YAST > Software > software management … you will get a list of programs in the default OSS and Non-OSS directories. Further it is HIGHLY recommended that you add the Packman repository as they have multimedia applications that are not broken for codecs, with guidance here: https://en.opensuse.org/Additional_package_repositories … After adding packman, in yast, switch your system packages to YaST.

Further, there is a superb package/application search for openSUSE. Go here: http://software.opensuse.org/422/en and then select “Show development, language and debug packages” in addition to choosing your version of openSUSE. Often you will be provided a choice of one click install after you choose the app you want.

Note when installing by one click, you are given the choice to retain or not retain repositories. My recommendation is do NOT retain. Keep your repositories to the minimum. I basically only keep OSS, Non_OSS, OSS-update, Non-OSS-update, and Packman. No others. Once one starts adding others it slows down the updates and it creates the risk of more conflicts (that you need to resolve) when installing.

Note you can get help from many sources: https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Communication_channels … not only the forum (which is staffed by unpaid volunteers) but also from IRC chat, and the mailing lists.

I find many times, to get help, I do a search “openSUSE wiki subject” (where subject is the item in which I am looking for help on) and many times that will take me to a page where there is good advice.

Welcome to openSUSE.

And welcome to the openSUSE forum.

Thank you all very much.