Switching to modular daemons - Virtual Machine Manager no longer useful?

Since reading Libvirt Daemons and switching to modular daemons, I can no longer use virt-manager to create vm’s. So what is the alternate Applications using libvirt to use as a gui or web interface for openSUSE? Other then using Pondman, Buildah and Vagrant CLI.

Although this is an area I haven’t set up,
The documentation suggests implementing modular daemons is a work in progress, so even if you find a workaround you should report any problems you encounter.

Before you do so, I’d expect the following are reasonable steps to take first…

  1. Verify each of the daemons are running (IIRC there are three core daemons and 2 optional depending on whether you’re connecting over a remote connection or not and how you’re doing it)
  2. Does vm manager connect, and do any other functions? I haven’t looked closely, but traditionally vm manager actually calls a separate application virt-install to create virtual machines.
  3. If you can’t create a virtual machine using a graphical tool, can you create a virtual machine by command line using virsh?