Switching system packages to repository

I have a few repositories active: packman, kde desktop, kde community, kde playground (KDE STABLE, 11.2).

If I were to follow the guide on upgrading to 4.4, how does one do the switching system packages exactly?

Must I:
switch STABLE Desktop to Factory Desktop > Apply & do the upgrade,
then switch STABLE Community > Apply & upgrade,
and the same for Playground

  • ie switch one repo & upgrade at a time.

Or can I:
Switch packages to Fact:Desktop
Then switch Community & Playground
Finally switch to packman
Then hit apply & let it upgrade?

So do all the switching (in the correct order I presume) and then do all the upgrades in one go?

My repos are the usual 3 + packman, then the three KDE4 STABLE repos (Desktop, Community, Palyground) and also Mozilla and microchips repo as well, all for OS 11.2.

Or can I:
Switch packages to Fact:Desktop
Then switch Community & Playground
Finally switch to packman
Then hit apply & let it upgrade?

Yes, but it may not be as simple as you expect.

I would fistly suggest that you add:-

Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.2

to your repo list. Then select this as your priority repo. This will get you up to kde 4.4. You might get a few conflicts with rpm’s from packman - choose the keep these when possible or you can re-install any affected packages after you have upgraded to 4.4.

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It wasn’t too bad actually. I deleted the 3 KDE4 stable repos, disabled the rest (except packman) & added Factory Desktop & Factory Community.

Then I switched all to Desktop, then switched all to Community & applied that. Got a few dependency errors (alsa had to go, apparently, as did k3b-codecs & dialog. I had also to keep an obsolete package whose name I now can’t remember).

After that, my desktop was a bit strange - no window decorations or panels - but still working so I switched system packages to packman & applied. Added back the missing packages (alsa, k3b-codecs) and then did a general update on all packages. logout/in.

It’s working nicely now, although I did have to move my .kde4 folder & start afresh or else plasma crashed within about 2 minutes of starting.

Pretty neat actually.

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Today’s understatement.

For a next time: removing the plasma* from ~/.kde4/share/config and ~/.kde4/share/apps has done the job for me the last couple of cases of plasma crashes. That would at least leave the settings for most KDE4 apps intact.

I copied the stuff I needed back in. The only thing I really care about is kmail’s configs.

Strangely, even removing .kde4 didn’t reset everything KDE: Some icons stayed the same (they’re not default either) such as the ones dolphin/kmail/kate etc uses. Panel ones did change. Couple of other bits too that I noticed in passing.

You have to do it out of X
Console login as user do

mv .kde4 .kde4-old

will rename existing .kde4 to .kde4-old

A new .kde4 is created automatically when you startx

@caf, yeah that’s what I did.

Not wanting to sound like an a*se but " Happily using Linux since 1998" could give it away I know what the mv command does? :stuck_out_tongue: Ta though.

The cursor theme is the other thing that didn’t get reset btw.