Switching Sound Devices-- Analog and USB

I run OpenSuse11.1 GNOME. For sound I have two devices

  1. Realtech analog speakers, and
  2. Logitech USB wireless headset.

Totem and Banshee and other system applications send sound only to Realtech. There is no way I can direct it to Logitech USB.

RealPlayer only sends sound to Logitech USB (via alsa mixer). If I change properties in RealPlayer to other than alsa (OSS) it does not produce any sound at all.

Finally, Skype is fine with both Realtech analog and Logitech USB. I have a choice to use either and both work just fine.

Can anyone help me to configure my sound properties so I can have a choice between Realtech analog or Logitech USB based on my preference. Thanks.

I also have a system with a sound card and an USB device. In the beginning I tried to configure all sorts of sound tools to use the USB device. For some I succeeded, for some not. In the end I decided to let them all play to the default device (no change in configs at all) and change the default device when need arises.

You change the default device throough YaST > Hardware > Sound. Select the device you want to make the defaullt and use the menubutton low-right to choose “make this the default”.

Interestingly Yast only shows one card (analog) and this card only works when it is NOT configured. If I follow the suggested dialogue and configure the card automatically, it results in no sound at all. The USB card is not shown there at all though definitely mixer can see it under a proper name…

You configure an USB sound card in YaST by choosing in YaST > Hardware > Sound for Add and then in the left panel Generic, in the right panel only USB is shown. Choose and finish.