Switching patterns from Gnome to KDE

Hello all!

Note, before i started, i created a snapshot, so i have a safe exit.

I changed my Gnome patterns for KDE patterns, it seems to have worked for the most part. The only problem ive found so far is that any keybinds dont want to work.

The default ones work (like ALT+TAB and ALT+CTRL+T for terminal), but when i change them, they dont work anymore, even if i revert back to default (like ALT+CTRL+T doesnt work anymore).

I Have purged everything i thought was safe to purge from gnome, but some of the parts break random stuff like lutris, so those i keep in.

Any help is welcome!
Best regards,

Let us try to clarify.

You had already installed Gnome (probably choosing it as desktop environment at system installation).

Then you (as user) wanted to try and/or switch to KDE and you (as root) installed the KDE pattern with YaST (or zypper).

Now every user can use both, choosing the one he/she wants from the login screen.

You talk about key bindings and I assume that is then in KDE. You say you tried to change some of those. What did you use for that?

Im terribly sorry for not replying. I started a new thread a few days ago because i thought (in error) that i got no responses to this thread. I thought i had email updates for this forum.

I have since $sudo snapper rollback, so i am back to my original Gnome setup.

So sorry for wasting your time :S