Switching from Ubuntu to Suse

Hey guys,

I was a user of Suse10.0 to 10.3 when my laptop HD got to full and I was forced to remove it and give the whole thing to windows (to cheep to buy a larger HD). I have recently built myself a new computer and decided to give Kubuntu a try. After using it a few times and having multiple problems I am giving up and going back to Suse (I liked the looks and layout much better).

Right now I have a dual boot system with Windows7 and Kubuntu9.10. I would like to not have to reinstall windows and just take over the space that ubuntu was occupying.

Will I run into any problems with grub? Will it install just like a fresh volume and reinstall grub? Do I need to reformat the space ubuntu is using?

Thanks for helping out a NOOB…

Just start the installer normally. When it comes to installing, select custom partition layout.

Mount your partitions as follows:

  • select your Ubuntu root partition, choose to have it formatted as ext4 and to mount it as /
  • if you have a separate /home partition, choose to have it formatted as ext4 and to mount it as /home
  • select your swap partition, choose to have it formatted as swap and mounted as swap
  • select your Windows 7 partition, choose to not have it formatted, select ntfs for file system and to mount it as /media/win7
    If you want to have full read-write access, replace the values for fmask and dmask by 000 (fmask is for files, dmask is for directories).
  • if you have more windows partititions, treat them likewise and have them mounted under /media/data, /media/videos or similar

If you do not have a separate /home, you might want to create a backup of any files, documents, etc., you want to keep, as the creation and formatting of a new /home will erase all that data.

Welcome to openSUSE and welcome to our forum.

Please read our installation stickie:

Before removing Kubuntu, I recommend you make a backup copy of its /etc directory on a USB stick or USB external hard drive. Check to ensure the backup is good. This backup is NOT to restore, but to have as a reference, in case there is a hiccup with openSUSE and you want to consult with how they do things on Kubuntu. The configuration files are often inside the /etc directory.

Further to that, to ensure sound works as good or better on openSUSE as it does on Kubuntu, on kubuntu run:

/usr/sbin/alsa-info.sh --no-upload

[note the script alsa-info.sh may be in a different directory on kubuntu]
That will create the file /tmp/alsa-info.txt.

Also back up that file on a USB stick or external USB drive. In case you have a sound quirk on openSUSE that was not on kubuntu, that file will be invaluable.

Hey guys…

Thanks for all of the suggestions, lots of stuff I would have never thought of. I hope to get it converted over after the new year, when things start slowing down again.

Thanks again for helping me out,