Switching from kde3 to kde4 ?

Just installed RC1 as upgrade from 10.3. Big bug within grub update (why ever changed chainload entries for win xx installations to not working parameters) but the rest seems to be working right now.But KDE comes still with V3.59. How to switch to KDE4 ? Any hints to this ?

Start the package manager and select either the “KDE4 Base System” or the “KDE4 Desktop Environment” pattern for installation.

Logout > on the bottom left context menu, select KDE4 > log back in:)

It will stay that way until you repeat the process to KDE3

PS: you can add all the desktops & they work that way:)

Thank you. Forgotten this. Not used for years because of autologon… :wink:

And who says you necessarily have to switch? You can add KDE4 as an option to whatever you use or have via 1-click install. (I actually have GNOME as my default, but added KDE4 as an option.)