switching from kde to console via ctrl + alt + Fn results in black screen

i have recently updated my system (zypper dup) and also changed from nvidia G05 to G06 getting the 510 driver version. Since then, when trying to switch to the console via CNTL + ALT + Fn ijust get a black screen. I can switch back to KDE via CNTL + ALT + F7 though.
Is this a know issue with the nvidia driver or the kernel maybe?

You say Fn, but did you try F1 and F2?

I meant all the Fn keys, i tried F1, F2 etc.

Sorry, but I keep on trying to make things more clear for everybody. And testing alternative scenarios makes often more info available.

You did this during a running KDE session. Do you have the same problem when you have the login screen (thus no session started yet, but X running and the Display Manager running).

You have the latest snapshot release and 5.16.8 kernel? Have you applied the simpledrm fix?

yes i have this kernel, but did not manually applied any fix

yes, same problem

Sounds like the problem that should be fixed with next nVidia driver update


ok thanks for the info, i can live with that until the next update