Switching from fglrx to radeon

If you type “man radeon” you can get that table. The REDWOOD is supposed to be supported, but clearly there are problems somewhere in 11.4. In the case of my radeon HD3450 the problem is not with the radeon driver but its with either the kernel in openSUSE-11.4 or with the udev iplementation in 11.4 (in my view). The bug report I raised still (to my knowledge) does not yet have a solution.

Ah, thank you for the edification. If a solution is found, I would greatly appreciate it if it were posted here, or a link to the bug report. Until then, I’ll just compile my own fglrx driver.

Thanks again

I’ve now got radeon working with fairly reasonable results. Not totally sure what got it working better, I’m guessing some recent updates helped. I did get a bit of help from phoronix forums, notably getting the screen properly re-sized. In case it’s helpful to anyone else, hears the link to that thread:

Radeon and ATI HD 5670

If I notice any more bugs/ issues in the next couple weeks I’ll post the symptoms.