Switching from debian to opensuse


I’ve been using debian for the last 12 years. Recently for the fun of it I installed leap 42.3 on an old hp laptop and was very impressed. I’ve always had a fond spont for Suse since Suse 7.3 was my very first linux distro. Now I’m thinking of switching my main home computer over to leap 15 when it comes out (or maybe tumbleweed) and I have a few questions:

I rely heavily on kontact and was wondering if I can copy my kontact config files (calendar, contacts, mail) from debian directly to opensuse? In debian I’m using plasma version 5.12.4 and kontact 5.7.3.

For example, in debian’s version of kde my mail is stored in /home/.local/local-mail. Could I just move that directory over to my new suse installation without a problem? I also sync my kontact and google calendars and I’d like to continue to do that with opensuse. Could I copy my entire kontact folder (currently in /home/.kde/share/apps) to the same location in opensuse?
Aside from my documents folder and browser bookmarks I don’t see a need to transfer anything else.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I have found that the most reliable way of moving from one version of Kontact to another is to use the Tools>Import/Export option.

Thanks for replying, John. I’ve used the import/export tool when upgrading debian so I suppose it shouldn’t matter too much if I use it with opensuse and point it toward a file on my debian machine.