Switchin between gnome and kde problems

When I log out from gnome , and log in to kde4 everything is ok, but switching back is a problem - after choosing gnome goes to kde again!
It repeats several times , and then logs to gnome.Same on desktop and laptop,also with different WM.
Why is this happening?Its verry annoyng!

I’ve noticed this as well… On my system after I log out of kde and go back to the login screen and change to gnome I’ll get logged back into KDE.

However to stop this from happening, all I have to do is enter my password and THEN change the WM… It then lets me login to the desired system. If I change the WM before entering my password I’ll always get dumped back into whatever I used last.

And no, I have no idea why this happens :slight_smile:

Hope this is of help…

Had the same the other way round, i.e. Gnome reluctant to make way for KDE. Eventually settled down though.

Sometimes work ,sometimes not.Feels like lottery :stuck_out_tongue: