Switchable grapics?

I’ve got an Asus B43S laptop. What’s the current state of switchable graphics on linux? It’s got an integrated intel card as well as a discrete ati 6470 card. I just installed opensuse 12.2 and then installed the proprietary ati drivers with the 1-click install. After that was done I rebooted and it just boot into a command line with no way to startx. I’ve read a couple time that I’m better off just going into the bios to disable the ati card as switchable graphics in linux just doesn’t work well. Is that what I’m going to have to do or is there another way?

I am not the expert on AMD graphics, but Catalyst 12.1 or higher is said to support this. What Catalyst version do you have installed by chance? Since this is provided by AMD, have you checked out the issue in their forums? If you decide to switch back to Intel, you do need to uninstall the ATI/AMD driver and disable the feature in the BIOS.

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In addition to what jdmcdaniel3 wrote i would add the following.
Don’t use the phrase “the 1-click install”, there are several of them and there’s no way anyone can know which of them you used and consequently no way to know what version of the driver it installed or how it was installed. To be very frank, don’t use them at all unless it’s your only option.

I used the 1-click install from this page: SDB:AMD fglrx - openSUSE, first one you see, 64 bit.

I have the same problem on an HP dv6 laptop.
I can power off the ati card, but no way to use the radeon or fglrx driver (no way to power off the intel card).