Switchable Graphics - help installing and more please

I’m havin’ a prob with installing opensuse in my laptop. Although with a bit of help, I succeeded in installing it in my laptop, by typing ‘nomodeset’ at the installation prompt. Now the system is running on 1024x768 resolution (not a real eyecandy resolution :(). Can anyone help me about the graphics?

Please follow this link for my laptop hardware specs-
HP Pavilion g6-1313ax Notebook PC Product Specifications HP Pavilion g6-1313ax Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (India - English)

Important: This thing has switchable graphics!!!

As I understand it, there is nothing going on in Linux to directly support AMD Dynamic Switchable Graphics technology and so it is suggested that you go into your BIOS setup and select a Fixed graphics configuration, thus presenting a single supportable graphics chipset to Linux. Its not clear to me if this will be the the advanced graphics adapter or the power saving setup, but I would suppose your manual would explain your BIOS settings to you or you could ask about this in an HP forum.

Thank You,

That’s a whole lotta information. Thanks for the help!!