Switchable graphics AMD/Intel - > What to do?

Good day to all,
I am continuing to go deeper inside the world of Linux and especially Opensuse and encountered another difficulty with Opensuse on laptop.

Lenovo ThinkPad E580 with 8th Gen i5, HD620 and AMD rx 550 on-board.

After installation, the default AMD driver is read - Lexa Pro (530,54p, rx 550…)
and of course, Intel got i915 driver.
I have done few experiments in installing AMD driver from their website for SLE 15 sp1 (ver 20 and 19), using different tutorials (including the one on AMD website) but it gave crashed gui ending in command line.
Well, I abandoned that.
But, as we use some CAD software at work, we need the amdgpu running on default, skipping the Intel.

The question : how to enable AMD graphics to run on default if I there is no option in bios to disable Intel HD620?
Is there any way in opensuse?

Than you in advance.

You should be able to just run DRI_PRIME=1 <your application> or install switcheroo-control, start/enable the service and then if you right click the desktop icon it should offer the option to use the dGPU. The default kernel amdgpu driver should work fine…

Malcomlewis, thank you for the advice, but if you can forgive me my beginner behavior, please guide me a bit:

  • i found switcheroo-control for opensuse and installed it
  • i cant find it in the services list to enable it.
  • what desktop icon did you mean? (I am using KDE)

Thank you.

Tried DRI_PRIME=1 option - that actually worked in a perfect way, I didn’t even expect that :slight_smile:
Thank you, Malcolmlewis, your advises are always the best. Not a first time you are very helpful.

As root user ensure the service is enabled and running;

systemctl status switcheroo-control
systemctl enable switcheroo-control
systemctl start switcheroo-control
systemctl status switcheroo-control

If above is running you should be able to right-click on the desktop icon for your application and a new option should be there to start using the dedicated graphics card (this is how it works in GNOME);


This is GNOME specific. I do not think KDE has this menu - it went different way and implemented desktop file property to launch application on dGPU (which should in the meantime also be supported by GNOME). I am not sure about other environments.

It is true that switcheroo service must be available for this menu item to be active.

P.S. do not we recommend users to use susepaste for images and not third party servers?

Ahh ok :slight_smile:

Image size is limited to 240KB…