switch from Gnome to KDE4

I’m using opensuse11.0 and Gnome 2.22 currently and tried to switch to KDE4. I have installed KDE4 desktop from Software.openSUSE.org (1-click install), but don’t know how to start KDE, tried rebooting, typeing “kde” or “kde4” in a terminal window. none helps. Is there any thing I need to do to get KDE4 running or I have to reinstall the OS?

log out of your current session, then, at the log-in screen, down the bottom-left of your screen, you will see sessions button. click on it & select your DE of choice


The big issue (with switching from GNOME to KDE) isn’t the apps, but if your audio uses OSS-based drivers, which KDE doesn’t like very much. I ran into precisely this issue with my Sound Blaster X-Fi, which has beta OSS drivers, but no ALSA support; I wound up putting my old Audigy Classic back in strictly for KDE’s use (I dual-boot with Windows Vista).

hmmm, that is interesting. i’ve never heard of that.
from what i’ve heard, OSS can have better performance some times. (like with multimedia playback).
i use it in kde with various things without issue…
but then again, perhaps it does depend on which soundcard one has.

i have an onboard intel chip though.

This is a late thanks to Andy. Linux is a good os when you are getting familiar with it.:slight_smile:
Regarding the sound card issue, mine is a pretty old Creative sound blaster,seems to work fine under kde4

Which is a good thing (at least with KDE 4.x), as the Audigy line (4 Pro and older, including the Audigy SE) is well-supported by ALSA (which KDE4 uses for system sounds). While several KDE applications (Kaffeine, for example) can use either ALSA or OSS, depending on what sound engine they use, KDE’s base (in particular, that of KDE 4.x) is pretty much exclusively ALSA-driven. (I can’t exactly fault KDE’s developers, either, as the environment in which KDE 4 was shaped is different from that in use today.)