Switch default Intel default acceleration to UXA - side effects for Nvidia and AMD?

Hi everyone,

I distribute a SuseStudio appliance with Plasma 5, which I have found to be extremely unstable on all machines with Intel graphics. Switching the Intel acceleration method to UXA fixes the instability/freezing problems. So I would like to set this xorg.conf.d option by default. But what happens if this option exists on a system with Nvidia or AMD graphics? Will this make X fail to start on those systems because it will try to force the Intel graphics drivers to load? Or will it only apply these options if Intel hardware is in use?


Won’t work. Anything you put in a Xorg file is used so you force use of the Intel driver and if a Intel GPU is present and active that will be what is used even if you have a NVIDIA or AMD GPU card. If no Intel GPU is present and active then I’d expect the driver to be selected as one of the fall backs. It gets really tricky with the Optimus set ups on laptops ie Intel+NVIDIA GPU in a special hardware configuration.

Of the top I’d say

  1. make a version for each major GPU set up

  2. run a script at first run to install and set up the correct drivers for the hardware and give user options to modify.

Thanks for the reply. Looks like I’ll just do a systemd service that checks for Intel graphics present and symlinks the options file just for Intel (which is the only one that needs a special case). I got the idea from here:

As I mentioned the Optimus systems break all the rules. So you will see both a NVIDIA and Intel GPU

You may look at this thread on how you could deal with it


But it only applies to notebooks with the special Optimus configure GPUs

Ah, I see what you mean now. I forgot about the dual-GPU issue. And what exactly would the gpu=$(lspci | awk ‘/VGA/ { print $5; }’) command return on one of those systems?

lspci would show both Intel and NVIDIA or Intel and AMD (AMD has a version also) but the Intel+NVIDIA seem to be most common

Trouble is that commodity Intel CPU’s now all ship with on board GPU so it could show up on a desktop system that has NVIDIA card or AMD card installed. But it is the Optimus notebooks that are the pain.
I don’t have the hardware maybe jump on the thread I referenced above and ask there. I’m not at all sure there is a hardware signature that defines an Optimus system???